Twisted M Farms, owned and operated by Curtis and Amanda Melton, was established in 2016. Twisted M Farms was started when Curtis and Amanda bought their home and moved their family to Grand Saline, Texas. Amanda loved cows and wanted to raise a few. Curtis decided they better, “Go Big, or Go Home!” So, together, they decided to build a dream. They spent several years designing and building quality facilities for their cattle operation. The Melton’s are all about family and raising children to appreciate agricultural education and continued improvement through hard work and dedication. If you drive by the ranch, you’ll often find them out working cows and doing chores as a family. Even the neighborhood kids drop by the ranch to help with chores. Visitors are always welcome. Give them a call!

Our Program

The Melton Family purchased their first purebred females from Sandy Scheu's 30 year genetic program at Double M Simmentals. It was important to start their cattle operation with quality Simmental that possessed superior, show quality genetics. The Melton Family has continued this legacy through selective AI breeding using some of the most popular and proven sires in the Simmental breed as well as an outstanding herd sire with a proven career that continues to produce show quality calves. Curtis and Amanda are passionate about quality, not quantity. With a solid herd of fertile, free moving females, their genetic program continues to thrive.

The main marketing focus is selling show heifer prospects and replacement females. They also offer herd bull prospects and bred heifers from their program.


M2 Gemma

M2 Gemma

ASA 3708649

  • Reserve Grand Champion
    Four States 2020
MM Ace in the Hole

MM Ace in the Hole

ASA 2550859

  • Reserve Champion Bull - San Antonio Livestock Show 2012
  • Grand Champion Bull - State Fair of Texas 2011


ASA 2435594

  • Intermediate Champion Female - Houston 2009
  • Intermediate Champion Female - San Antonio 2009


ASA 2539328

  • Senior Champion Female - State Fair of Texas 2011
  • Grand Champion Simmental Female - East Texas State Fair Junior Show
  • Reserve Champion
  • Grand Champion Simmental Female honors
  • Reserve Exotic Female title

For Sale

We welcome you to visit our ranch and see our cattle in person. Please contact the ranch to discuss herd sire prospects, replacement females, show prospects, and cow/calf pairs that are available.


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